Stop Consuming

Start Contributing

We believe
A Transaction is a Ripple.

Ripple of Existence is a community for those who seek high vibrational exchanges of goods & services because we revere energy exchanges as sacred.

We recognize and honor Harmonious Artisans and Conscious Contributors, like you, for being aware of the ripple effect when exchanging goods & services to advocate the shift from consumer to contributor.

Be a part of a BIG movement; the shift from consumer to contributor.

Consciously Contribute to Harmonious Artisans

Each Harmonious Artisan has their own unique page in the directory that describes their work including pictures, contact info, offers, events, and most of all their verified Ripples.

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All Benefits

Conscious Contributor

Harmonious Artisan

receives all Conscious Contributor features plus…

Ripple Effect
Be a part of a BIG movement; The shift from consumerism to contributor. Changing the way we look at exchanges can have a profound effect on how the world shapes tomorrow.

Connect with others who have passion for harmony. Come to the events, collaborate, volunteer, donate,  you never know what your harmony may do for the world.

Harmony Gatherings
This is where the community can meet Harmonious Artisans, and contribute along with music, food, & workshops.

Harmonious Artisans
Access to Harmonious Artisan database with Ripples to make it super easy to find harmonious businesses to support and why you should support them.

Online Network
It’s not just a directory of artisans & events. You can give reviews, save your favorite artisans, chat with other members, share pictures, & more.

Harmony Rewards
Get rewarded for being conscious about your transactions. Post your harmonious actions on instagram with #goharmonious for a chance to win a gift card.

Artisan Process
A one-on-one walk-through review, advice, setting goals, & more will occur annually to help you stay on your path.

Ripple Awards
Every artisan is acknowledged for their harmonious deeds with Ripple awards. This makes it super easy to see how each artisan is harmonious.

Continuous Promotion
Ripple of Existence is being promoted non-stop.

Artisan Page
Each artisan has their own unique page that describes their work with pictures, contact info, offerings, events, and most of all their verified Ripples.

Conscious Contributors
Artisans will receive the support they want and deserve from conscious people.

Ripple of Existence