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What Is Your Ripple?

Artisan Profiles

A space specificlly designed to express what you do and everything you need to connect with others. Your Ripple Effect Magnified.

Ripple Badges

Discover how people are making a difference. Users earn badges to honor recycling, composting, & many more harmonious deeds.

Artisan Shops

Allow visitors to shop your current inventory directly from your profile or shop the global marketplace. Offer your products or services to the world.

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It’s All About The Ripple Effect

A Transaction is a Ripple

Changing the way we look at exchanges can have a profound effect on how the world shapes tomorrow.

Ripple Badges

Users have “Ripples” on their profiles to show in what ways they are making a difference.

Members must have at least one verified Ripple to become a Verified Member

Be a Part of a BIG Movement

The Shift from Consumer to Contributor

Harmonious Marketplace

FREE Global Marketplace Coming Soon!

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Verified Members will be able to list their products, services, offers, etc. on their profiles.

Global Marketplace
Users will also be able to shop all members in one global marketplace.

All verified users will have immdiate access.

Member shop for verified users only so be sure to sign up now.

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Have a passion for harmony? We need people like you to help us keep our vision alive.

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