New Feature: DARK MODE

As the creator, I spend a lot of time here on ROE and know the strain that computer screens can have on the eyes. But there may be another good reason to use Dark Mode.

The moment I first used a device with an OLED display, I knew there was something I liked about it but didn’t know why. I soon came to realize it is it’s simplicity. An OLED display uses less energy in Dark Mode. At the time it wasn’t widely used, however it has gained in popularity. Meaning Dark Mode may not save too much energy in older phones, but it is in the future for a more sustainable device.

Being the coder that I am and wanting to care for the earth can feel very contradicting at times. Much like how humans can feel that their small actions can’t make a difference. But let’s imagine this: If I, a consumer of goods, never experience the contrast to receive the desire to create goods that come from a place of intention, then it would never manifest. In other words if we send out the message to the universe that we want a more sustainable, more loving, more intention driven goods then we will manifest it. And sometimes it looks like Dark Mode.

Overall my intention with Dark Mode, and with all my programming practices is to tell the universe what I want to see in the world so that it manifests.

As a coder, I do my best to do my part to create energy efficient websites.

May your eyes and your hearts stay at ease with Dark Mode.

Contribute & Connect During These Hard Times

In times such as these it’s been harder to get the things we need and it makes one realize how much we rely on the system. 

That is why Ripple of Existence is needed more now than ever. 

To be self-sufficient to me means having the skills to sustain oneself. But I want to go beyond this and be conscious, aware…intentional with my energy and invest it. We cannot sustain ourselves without sustaining eternity. 

Let’s get familiar with the idea that we do not spend. There is no such thing as spending. Energy is neither created or destroyed. Instead what we are doing is investing. We invest with our time, invest with our money, invest with our energy, and with our thoughts. We invest with our ripple of existence. 

Anything we pay attention to we are giving our energy to. Hence the saying “paying” attention. 

In the current process to get something you need you must purchase it from a store that has purchased it from the manufacture who paid a hierarchy of employees and suppliers who paid the person who actually made it. 

Humans are so far removed from the creator that we blindly make transactions with companies who’s name we hardly notice or what they represent. 

 ….the relationship has been taken out of the transaction.

This energy exchange is a sacred thing and we have been programmed to believe that a transaction is not that. The energy behind the good or service needs to be brought back to the forefront. The relationship of human to human contribution needs to be reunited.

Join this movement. Contribute and connect now!

Photo by Anton Luzhkovsky

Introducing Ripple of Existence 2.0

It’s been a long time coming. In the past few years there have been a lot of experiments and failures. It’s what got Ripple of Existence to where it is now. To commend this new edition, a history timeline of Ripple of Existence has been added to the about page. It’s pretty cool to see how it has evolved so much.

In April 2020, Ripple of Existence underwent a process that made the mission the forefront of it’s services. As a result there have been a few changes to how it works and even a new feature, however the mission is still the same. In fact it shines through our service even more.

ROE v.2.0 New Updates & Features

  1. A simple sign up process, allowing users to self-verify their accounts with profile completeness. This also keeps search results for completed/verified accounts.
  2. There is no longer a “reward” system for your harmonious deeds. These could change all too often for each individual and would require a lot of energy to maintain. Energy that should be focused more on the mission of connecting Conscious Contributors. Which leads us into the next big change.
  3. There is no longer the separate user types: Harmonious Artisan(the vendor) and Conscious Contributors(the consumer). Many people thought that because they weren’t an artist they couldn’t participate so “What Does Artisan Really Mean?” was written. Soon the conclusion came that we are all artisans and contributors. We are both. We need to get out of old programs that separate the consumer from the companies. We are Conscious Contributors.
  4. No global marketplace, events, or groups….yet. The vision grew faster than it was ready for. All the extra features that were added over time have been pulled until people can understand its first purpose of connecting Conscious Contributors through the directory – build portfolio/profile(what you contribute) and find what you need(connecting with others).
  5. NEW FEATURE! Create “ripples” by sharing an announcement about your work. “Follow” your favorite Conscious Contributors to see the “ripples” they are making on the Ripples page.
  6. Rebrand! – Simplified the color scheme and created a new simpler logo to reflect it’s new branding.

Here is a tutorial on how to setup your account, create your profile and use Ripple of Existence: How To Setup and Use your Account

If you encounter any issues or have a suggestion please submit a support ticket. All feedback is welcome!

Outreach Success at STL World’s Fare

Thank you to everyone who came by our booth at The STL Worlds Fare during our official launch this weekend. Wonderful conversations with so many people on the same vibration. It was truly wonderful. 

Our booth turned out very nice as well. I love to do tarot readings while others talk and read my books in the “Eternity Lounge.”

As part of our launch ROE is now on Instagram @rippleofexistence. We are still on Facebook at @rippleofexistence.

STL Word’s Fare 2019

After many years, in fact, of trying out different ideas. Many different paths were tried and considered for the future of Ripple of Existence. A lot was learned and I am happy to announce that ROE will officially be open this month.

What does that mean? Well, it means a lot of things:

  1. actively campaigning for new members
  2. it is actively advertised
  3. there are regular board meetings
  4. actively accepting volunteers
  5. events & workshops
  6. already planning new features

First order of business is to get the word out at our launch event.

Ripple of Existence will hold a booth at The St. Louis Word’s Fare on August 16-18. Please come to learn more about us. It is a fun fare for all ages and its FREE! They have a huge stage, a ferris wheel, circus acts, arial arts, face paint, clowns, vendors, art, food vendors, food trucks, games, that list goes on.

Come stop by the booth to learn all about Ripple of Existence. I will be happy to discuss the Eternity of Now philosophy as well as the Harmony Guide for Humanity. The Ripple Lounge will have books for reading and I will also be offering tarot readings by donation.

[MEC id=”11408″]

Last Harmonious Market at Kismet

We have some important news about the location of the St. Louis Harmonious Market. This market has taken place every 2nd Sunday at the Kismet Creative Center on Cherokee Street for over a year! The time has come we must say farewell and ask anyone who would like to participate in the LAST market at Kismet to please support Kismet one last time. This will also be an opportunity to learn more about where the markets will be next and to participate in new Ripple of Existence endeavors.

Why are we changing location?

If you have not heard Kismet Creative Center, where the Harmonious Market is hosted, is permanently closing at the end of September. It is a sad time as it is my favorite place to be on Cherokee Street. Even my son, Desmond, experienced good times there. I will miss Tom and Sonia’s presence and the creative space they have shared very much. In case you are wondering, Tom will be creating an online store for his records and Sonia will continue to collaborate with the Thomas Dunn Learning Center.

What does this mean for the market?

This means that the next market on September 9th will be the LAST market at Kismet. If you have not come out to the market yet this is the last time we will be able to have the Kismet experience. So please come out on September 9th, 3-6pm to Kismet Creative Center on Cherokee Street to support them one last time before they go one to their new endeavors and us ours!

See You at Kismet One LAST Time!

Harmonious Market
September 9th, 3-6pm
Kismet Creative Center
3409 Iowa Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118

Check out the event page on Facebook!

‘Humanity’s Guide to Harmony’ Release in Ava, MO

Lighting of the Moon festival is having lots of workshops and I am hosting one of them. It will be called ‘Humanity’s Guide to Harmony’. This will guide humans through three principles which are: being aware of the ripple effect, how we relate to the big picture(eternity), and how to synchronize with it. Harmony Training was the original idea for one on one training of the guide and how to integrate it into your life. It was not intended to be a workshop, but discovering our workshops were the training, we are making an outline of the guide a workshop.


How was this created?


Shenee asked me what should people know for Harmony Training? What I listed was: being aware of the ripple effect, knowing how to be confident in making conscious ripples, and taking care of self. These three just came out of me like I’d already knew it. We wrote them all down and discussed like our brains were rivers of ideas flowing into our ocean of a vision. After scribbling, crossing out, and rewriting, I realized that these were very similar to the original principles of harmony, my original workshops, and Shenee had matching workshops as well.


The original principles of harmony were based on exchanges. They are the current Conscious Contributor and Harmonious Artisan ‘user agreement’ so to speak when creating an account.

✔ aware of the ripple effect
✔ understands a transaction is a ripple
✔ makes conscious ripples


My original workshops are on subjects I am very passionate about; time and the ripple effect. The deeper I dived into each subject, the more I realized they were almost the same and overlapped in many areas.


The ripple effect became of great interest when I wanted to take care of god. I believed in order to show gratitude to god we must love all of its creation. As long as I can remember I’ve thought in terms of energy and understood how they can interact on a vibrational plane. We have vibrations and so did our thoughts, the words we say, and the things we do. All on a microcosmic and macrocosmic level. a molecular level to cosmic level. everything is vibrating. To be aware of this has been overwhelming to me and I wanted to discover what my role was in all this. What could I do about it? Should I do anything about it? Should I cease to exist? Should I be the extreme monk that never hurts a fly or live a yolo life? I knew neither were right. Being extreme is not the way; the middle way to harmony.


Time is Art. That is what I learned on my journey to find what synchronized us. I never knew what to do as a human, but I knew the sun came up and went down every day. Surely days, seasons, months, and years were nothing to be trifled with. That was the first definite pattern. From there I studied circadian rhythms and discovered our direct link between us and nature. (Give examples) The sun created patterns not only on our planet but in our bodies and mind. The moon, and other star systems create patterns that also affect us. There are thirteen moons in a year. Each moon being around 28 days the same as a women cycle. After discovering this I questioned why we didn’t use this for the year calendar instead of the gregorgian calendar that has different amount of days each month and adds an extra day in february every four years. This led me to the mayan calendar which uses cycles/patterns/orbits in the universe. This makes perfect sense now.


Once I discovered the true nature of the universe I understood what I was a part of; Eternity.


Side Story: There was originally an option to do two 30 min workshops or one 1hr workshop. I chose two. But upon speaking with Shenee I realized the two workshops topics over lapped and wished I chose one instead. The universe knew before I did because come to find out, it was changed to one 1 hour workshop. The result of combining the workshops manifested ‘Humanity’s Guide to Harmony’. This was the ripple effect working right before me.


By combining our efforts we have outlined the new principles of harmony.

What is it?

Humanity’s Guide to Harmony: Synchronizing Humanity with Eternity

The Principles of Harmony

1. Eternity of Now – learn what the ripple effect is and what to do with the power that awareness harnesses

2. A Transaction is a Ripple  – learn about humanity’s relation to eternity, via the dollar vote, and how to be confident in resourcing ethically

3. Time is Art – learn how to synchronize with eternity through ancient cosmology and calendar systems


Where is the Workshop?

The Lighting of the Moon

New Haven

Ava, MO

July 26 – 29

See event page for more details.



What Does ‘Artisan’ Really Mean?

But I’m Not An Artist

The word Artisan seems to be a misunderstood word. Most people would not consider themselves an artisan because they are not an artist. Although the word ‘artisan’ does have the word ‘art’ in it, it does not mean the person is an artist.  As wikipedia puts it…

An artisan is a skilled craft worker who makes or creates things by hand. Artisans practice a craft and may through experience and aptitude reach the expressive levels of an artist.

This means through enough practice and experience your work, whatever it may be, can reach a point of an artistic expression. Isn’t that beautiful to think that no matter what you do, you can be an artist of any field? As mundane as a tailor, a potter, or even a shoe maker can be, they certainly could reach a very artistic level of expression through their work.

During the Middle Ages, the term “artisan” was applied to those who made things or provided services.

Artisans were divided into two distinct groups: those who operated their own businesses and those who did not. Those who owned their businesses were called masters, while the latter were the journeymen and apprentices.

Everyone Is An Artisan

Ripple of Existence chose to use this word because we believe everyone is an artisan. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, artisans were the dominant producers of consumer products. ROE thinks of consumerism as contributing. What are you contributing to: an already well off corporation or an artisan that takes pride in their work? In Japan the word for artisan or craftsman is shokunin which implies a pride in one’s own work.

Shokunin means not only having technical skill, but also implies an attitude and social consciousness… a social obligation to work his best for the general welfare of the people, [an] obligation both material and spiritual.

Wow! That is a ripple of love if I have ever described one. Almost like a Saint. Serving the community as it’s your duty to provide whatever it is that you as an artisan may offer. Shokunin took so much pride in their work that they honored their tools of trade once a year on new year’s by placing them in a special box called a tokonoma. To express gratitude they place two rice cakes and a tangerine on top of the special toolbox. What is it that you take this much pride in?

Our Definition

So, to sum it all up, Ripple of Existence believes:

An Artisan is an individual who through experience and practice specializes in a skill and takes pride in doing so as to serve god, and thus community and self.

And there you have it a very sacred word, to be taken with pride.

You Are An Artisan!

The most important thing that you should take from this, is that you are an artisan. Every one of your actions creates an impact in the sculpture called your life. You are already an artisan of your experience. What is it that drives your passion to create? What do you take pride in doing? Allow your questions to become the diving board of your exploration into the sea of your potential artistic expression. We at ROE look forward to seeing your ripple and helping you plant the seeds of your greatness.



June Harmonious Market

Our monthly artisan market was a success. We had live music, food, and workshops this time around. Artisans are already planning for better workshops at the next one on July 9th.

First “Harmonious Market” at Kismet

Rummagepalooza 2017

Rummagepalooza was a lot of fun..! Check out photos of our artisans who participated.

My mom wrote an article about it here: Super Saturday.

Info Share Kickoff at Kismet

It was such a beautiful day despite the wind blowing everything off our tables. We had two new artisans with us today.

Heather Mueller aka Crescentics makes amazing polymer clay jewelry. Clara Stone aka Quixlan Heirloom Seeds brought us her seeds that she has collected from local farmers.

I am so happy to see out harmony database is growing.

Flyer for our first events.

Info Share Kickoff at TOCO

Official Harmonious Artisan Badge

Yesterday was the very first info share..! It really was a great kickoff for us.

Everyone was talking, sharing, collaborating, tasting
kombucha, and smelling sage.

It truly was a dream come true.

Two pending Artisans got their walk-through review done, and were given their Harmonious Artisan badge, along with all the other Artisans.

A new Artisan signed up, got her review done, and became a verified Harmonious Artisan.

I received lots of good feedback and ideas for the ever-growing project.

Flyer for our first event.