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New Feature: DARK MODE

As the creator, I spend a lot of time here on ROE and know the strain that computer screens can have on the eyes. But there may be another good reason to use Dark Mode. The moment I first used a device with an OLED display, I knew there was something I liked about it New Feature: DARK MODE

STL Word’s Fare 2019

After many years, in fact, of trying out different ideas. Many different paths were tried and considered for the future of Ripple of Existence. A lot was learned and I am happy to announce that ROE will officially be open this month. What does that mean? Well, it means a lot of things: actively campaigning STL Word’s Fare 2019

Last Harmonious Market at Kismet

We have some important news about the location of the St. Louis Harmonious Market. This market has taken place every 2nd Sunday at the Kismet Creative Center on Cherokee Street for over a year! The time has come we must say farewell and ask anyone who would like to participate in the LAST market at Kismet Last Harmonious Market at Kismet

Download a Vision

I have learned that by holding a vision of how you want life to be is the foundation to manifesting it. Act as if it were already true. Gather the data, images, etc, of your vision to literally program it into your life. Sociocyberneering is a vision I enjoy downloading into my program. What do Download a Vision

June Harmonious Market

Our monthly artisan market was a success. We had live music, food, and workshops this time around. Artisans are already planning for better workshops at the next one on July 9th.

Workshop at Cosmic Reunion 2017

What is your ripple? The question I ask at the Cosmic Reunion Music & Art Festival this year; a workshop on the ripple effect. Learn more about the workshop here: Humanity’s Guide to Harmony.

Rummagepalooza 2017

Rummagepalooza was a lot of fun..! Check out photos of our artisans who participated. My mom wrote an article about it here: Super Saturday.

Info Share Kickoff at Kismet

It was such a beautiful day despite the wind blowing everything off our tables. We had two new artisans with us today. Heather Mueller aka Crescentics makes amazing polymer clay jewelry. Clara Stone aka Quixlan Heirloom Seeds brought us her seeds that she has collected from local farmers. I am so happy to see out Info Share Kickoff at Kismet

Info Share Kickoff at TOCO

Yesterday was the very first info share..! It really was a great kickoff for us. Everyone was talking, sharing, collaborating, tasting kombucha, and smelling sage. It truly was a dream come true. Two pending Artisans got their walk-through review done, and were given their Harmonious Artisan badge, along with all the other Artisans. A new Info Share Kickoff at TOCO