Announcements about Ripple of Existence

Opportunity: User Feedback

Before the website is officially launched, it needs some real life user feedback. I've already sent an email to 25 of the FIRST ever users. However if you ...

2019 Launch at STL Word’s Fare

After many years, in fact, of trying out different ideas. Many different paths were tried and considered for the future of Ripple of Existence. A lot was ...

A Kismet Farewell Bash & Important Harmonious Market News!

We have some important news about the location of the St. Louis Harmonious Market. This market has taken place every 2nd Sunday at the Kismet Creative Center ...

‘Humanity’s Guide to Harmony’ Release in Ava, MO

Lighting of the Moon festival is having lots of workshops and I am hosting one of them. It will be called 'Humanity's Guide to Harmony'. This will guide humans ...

Welcome New Harmonious Artisan

It's time to welcome a new Harmonious Artisan! The interview process is my favorite part of my job. I don't like a lot of eyes on me at once, but I do enjoy ...

New Features, Events, & Updates

The website glitched out, but it was all for the better. It is now running smoother than before. I have been manifesting this whole vision all by myself, ...

Workshop at Cosmic Reunion 2017

At the Cosmic Reunion Music & Art Festival this year I did a workshop on the ripple effect.

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