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What is your Ripple?


Profiles designed to express who you are, what you do, and how you’re harmonious.


Search wherever you may be, send direct messages, and discover the ripples of others.


‘What is your Ripple?’ Workshop also known as Humanity’s Guide to Harmony.

It’s all about the ripple effect

… and a transaction is a ripple.

Changing the way we look at exchanges can have a profound effect on how the world shapes tomorrow.
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Express who you are, what you do, and how you are a harmonious choice


Create a beautiful presentation of your work with customizable widgets.


Create ripples by making announcements about your work.


Search, Message, & Follow other Conscious Contributors.


Find what you are looking for wherever you are with a quick search.

Just type in what you need, your location, click search and discover who can provide near you.


Connect instantly with direct messages.

“What do you currently have available?”
“Let’s set up an appointment”
“Can you make something custom?”
“Would you like to collaborate?”


Keep informed by following your favorite contributors.

Let your followers know about a current project, a sale, or announcement of a new product or service.

Be a Part of a BIG Movement
Be a Part of a BIG Movement
The Shift from Consumer
To Conscious Contributor

Have a passion for harmony? We need people like you to help us keep our vision alive.

Ripple of Existence

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