Contribute & Connect During These Hard Times

In times such as these it’s been harder to get the things we need and it makes one realize how much we rely on the system. 

That is why Ripple of Existence is needed more now than ever. 

To be self-sufficient to me means having the skills to sustain oneself. But I want to go beyond this and be conscious, aware…intentional with my energy and invest it. We cannot sustain ourselves without sustaining eternity. 

Let’s get familiar with the idea that we do not spend. There is no such thing as spending. Energy is neither created or destroyed. Instead what we are doing is investing. We invest with our time, invest with our money, invest with our energy, and with our thoughts. We invest with our ripple of existence. 

Anything we pay attention to we are giving our energy to. Hence the saying “paying” attention. 

In the current process to get something you need you must purchase it from a store that has purchased it from the manufacture who paid a hierarchy of employees and suppliers who paid the person who actually made it. 

Humans are so far removed from the creator that we blindly make transactions with companies who’s name we hardly notice or what they represent. 

 ….the relationship has been taken out of the transaction.

This energy exchange is a sacred thing and we have been programmed to believe that a transaction is not that. The energy behind the good or service needs to be brought back to the forefront. The relationship of human to human contribution needs to be reunited.

Join this movement. Contribute and connect now!

Photo by Anton Luzhkovsky

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