‘Humanity’s Guide to Harmony’ Release in Ava, MO

Lighting of the Moon festival is having lots of workshops and I am hosting one of them. It will be called ‘Humanity’s Guide to Harmony’. This will guide humans through three principles which are: being aware of the ripple effect, how we relate to the big picture(eternity), and how to synchronize with it. Harmony Training was the original idea for one on one training of the guide and how to integrate it into your life. It was not intended to be a workshop, but discovering our workshops were the training, we are making an outline of the guide a workshop.


How was this created?


Shenee asked me what should people know for Harmony Training? What I listed was: being aware of the ripple effect, knowing how to be confident in making conscious ripples, and taking care of self. These three just came out of me like I’d already knew it. We wrote them all down and discussed like our brains were rivers of ideas flowing into our ocean of a vision. After scribbling, crossing out, and rewriting, I realized that these were very similar to the original principles of harmony, my original workshops, and Shenee had matching workshops as well.


The original principles of harmony were based on exchanges. They are the current Conscious Contributor and Harmonious Artisan ‘user agreement’ so to speak when creating an account.

✔ aware of the ripple effect
✔ understands a transaction is a ripple
✔ makes conscious ripples


My original workshops are on subjects I am very passionate about; time and the ripple effect. The deeper I dived into each subject, the more I realized they were almost the same and overlapped in many areas.


The ripple effect became of great interest when I wanted to take care of god. I believed in order to show gratitude to god we must love all of its creation. As long as I can remember I’ve thought in terms of energy and understood how they can interact on a vibrational plane. We have vibrations and so did our thoughts, the words we say, and the things we do. All on a microcosmic and macrocosmic level. a molecular level to cosmic level. everything is vibrating. To be aware of this has been overwhelming to me and I wanted to discover what my role was in all this. What could I do about it? Should I do anything about it? Should I cease to exist? Should I be the extreme monk that never hurts a fly or live a yolo life? I knew neither were right. Being extreme is not the way; the middle way to harmony.


Time is Art. That is what I learned on my journey to find what synchronized us. I never knew what to do as a human, but I knew the sun came up and went down every day. Surely days, seasons, months, and years were nothing to be trifled with. That was the first definite pattern. From there I studied circadian rhythms and discovered our direct link between us and nature. (Give examples) The sun created patterns not only on our planet but in our bodies and mind. The moon, and other star systems create patterns that also affect us. There are thirteen moons in a year. Each moon being around 28 days the same as a women cycle. After discovering this I questioned why we didn’t use this for the year calendar instead of the gregorgian calendar that has different amount of days each month and adds an extra day in february every four years. This led me to the mayan calendar which uses cycles/patterns/orbits in the universe. This makes perfect sense now.


Once I discovered the true nature of the universe I understood what I was a part of; Eternity.


Side Story: There was originally an option to do two 30 min workshops or one 1hr workshop. I chose two. But upon speaking with Shenee I realized the two workshops topics over lapped and wished I chose one instead. The universe knew before I did because come to find out, it was changed to one 1 hour workshop. The result of combining the workshops manifested ‘Humanity’s Guide to Harmony’. This was the ripple effect working right before me.


By combining our efforts we have outlined the new principles of harmony.

What is it?

Humanity’s Guide to Harmony: Synchronizing Humanity with Eternity

The Principles of Harmony

1. Eternity of Now – learn what the ripple effect is and what to do with the power that awareness harnesses

2. A Transaction is a Ripple  – learn about humanity’s relation to eternity, via the dollar vote, and how to be confident in resourcing ethically

3. Time is Art – learn how to synchronize with eternity through ancient cosmology and calendar systems


Where is the Workshop?

The Lighting of the Moon

New Haven

Ava, MO

July 26 – 29

See event page for more details.



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