Humanity’s Guide to Harmony

This guide was developed to understand the role as a human in eternity. We show how we are a brush stroke in a bigger picture(eternity) and because of this we must take care of ourselves in order for the picture(eternity) to be one with harmony. The guide is broken down into what we call the three main principles of harmony which are simply: being aware of the ripple effect, how we relate to the big picture(eternity), and how to synchronize with it.

The Principles of Harmony

Eternity of Now
Learn what the ripple effect is and what to do with the power that awareness harnesses.

A Transaction is a Ripple
Learn about humanity’s relation to eternity, via the dollar vote, and how to be confident in resourcing ethically

Time is Art
Learn how to synchronize with eternity by taking care of your energy through chronobiology.

A Transaction is a Ripple

It’s important to address that corporations play a more significant role in effecting the environment, amongst other things, positively or negatively. Individuals making wise choices as to who they support play a powerful role in how tomorrow develops. It is important to be aware that corporations utilize significantly more resources than individuals do. YOU can recycle, use clean water, etc., but are your transactions just as harmonious? Production choices correspond directly to (dis)harmonious perpetuation.

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