Introducing Ripple of Existence 2.0

It’s been a long time coming. In the past few years there have been a lot of experiments and failures. It’s what got Ripple of Existence to where it is now. To commend this new edition, a history timeline of Ripple of Existence has been added to the about page. It’s pretty cool to see how it has evolved so much.

In April 2020, Ripple of Existence underwent a process that made the mission the forefront of it’s services. As a result there have been a few changes to how it works and even a new feature, however the mission is still the same. In fact it shines through our service even more.

ROE v.2.0 New Updates & Features

  1. A simple sign up process, allowing users to self-verify their accounts with profile completeness. This also keeps search results for completed/verified accounts.
  2. There is no longer a “reward” system for your harmonious deeds. These could change all too often for each individual and would require a lot of energy to maintain. Energy that should be focused more on the mission of connecting Conscious Contributors. Which leads us into the next big change.
  3. There is no longer the separate user types: Harmonious Artisan(the vendor) and Conscious Contributors(the consumer). Many people thought that because they weren’t an artist they couldn’t participate so “What Does Artisan Really Mean?” was written. Soon the conclusion came that we are all artisans and contributors. We are both. We need to get out of old programs that separate the consumer from the companies. We are Conscious Contributors.
  4. No global marketplace, events, or groups….yet. The vision grew faster than it was ready for. All the extra features that were added over time have been pulled until people can understand its first purpose of connecting Conscious Contributors through the directory – build portfolio/profile(what you contribute) and find what you need(connecting with others).
  5. NEW FEATURE! Create “ripples” by sharing an announcement about your work. “Follow” your favorite Conscious Contributors to see the “ripples” they are making on the Ripples page.
  6. Rebrand! – Simplified the color scheme and created a new simpler logo to reflect it’s new branding.

Here is a tutorial on how to setup your account, create your profile and use Ripple of Existence: How To Setup and Use your Account

If you encounter any issues or have a suggestion please submit a support ticket. All feedback is welcome!

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