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Shenee Alexa Massage Therapist, Reiki, Breathwork
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Shenee Alexa

Conscious Creations

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner & Transformative Breathing Coach who studied at The Healing Arts Center of Saint Louis. I take an integrative approach to wellness, considering not only your physical, mental, and emotional state, but also the quality of your breath and how you relate to your environment. I enjoys sharing tools with others that help them take a proactive approach in creating their ideal life and am also available for classes and discussions on a variety of topics. I am also a Director of Harmony here at Ripple Of Existence, a freelance Permaculture Design Artist, and a student of The Mindful Schools Organization. My other passions are traveling, building community, dancing and being with children.


Energetic Therapies

Working with the bodies subtle energy field relieves pain, stagnancy and energetic ailments.

Transformative Breathing

Conscious connected breathing opens restrictions in your breath and releases emotional patterns & stored trauma. Energize your life & return to your natural state of self healing.

Massage & Bodywork

Every person needs human touch and connection. Massage is both a remedy as well as a preventative method, against both physical and mental dis-ease.

Integrative Wellness

Choose wellness care that considers your whole being as many systems interacting. Balance the body, mind, emotions and breath.


Belleville, IL

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